Motul 1L 100% Synthetic High Performance Engine Oil ACEA A1/B1 BMW LL-14 FE+ 0W20

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TYPE OF USE: High Performance Fuel Economy Engine Oil specially designed for BMW & MINI recent vehicles fitted with Gasoline engines requiring an approved BMW Long Life-14 FE+ lubricant. Suitable also for Gasoline engines requiring a 0W-20 viscosity grade Fuel Economy lubricant type with ACEA A1/B1 standard. Compatible with catalytic converters (CAT). Suitable for all types of fuels: gasolines and biofuels. This type of oil may be unsuitable for use in some engines. Refer to the owner manual if in doubt. ;PERFORMANCES: Formulated to lubricate perfectly the latest generation of BMW and MINI Gasoline engines requiring the specification BMW LL-14 FE+. The BMW Longlife-14 FE+ standard is only suitable for BMW N20 and Bx8 Gasoline engines produced from model year 2014 and used in the European Union countries, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as United States of America and Canada. If in doubt, always refer to the owner manual of the vehicle.; Associated with ACEA A1/B1 standard for lubricants, MOTUL SPECIFIC LL-14 FE+ 0W-20 provides significant energy savings (up to 3percent compare to the BMW LL-01 reference lubricant) while exceeding robustness requirements of BMW LL-04 specification.; Viscosity grade SAE 0W-20 minimizes lubricant hydrodynamic friction, allows fuel economy benefits especially when the oil is cold. Improves oil flow at start up, faster oil pressure build up, faster rev raisings and reach operating temperature faster.; MOTUL SPECIFIC LL-14 FE+ 0W-20 delivers outstanding oil film resistance, while facilitating cold start, reducing friction in the engine, maintaining the oil pressure and lowering engine operating temperatures. It provides high level of wear resistance, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. It reduces the formation of deposits, reduces wear and enables perfect control of oil consumption. ;RECOMMENDATIONS: MOTUL SPECIFIC LL-14 FE+ 0W-20 can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
2014-2017 Mini Cooper Base
2014 Mini Cooper Clubman
2014-2015 Mini Cooper Coupe
2014-2015 Mini Cooper Coupe John Cooper Works
2014-2015 Mini Cooper Coupe S
2014-2017 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works
2014 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works Clubman
2014-2015 Mini Cooper Roadster
2014-2015 Mini Cooper Roadster John Cooper Works
2014-2015 Mini Cooper Roadster S
2014-2017 Mini Cooper S
2014 Mini Cooper S Clubman