Powerstroke Diesel in a Nissan GTR

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Powerstroke Diesel in a Nissan GTR

Are you really putting a Power Stroke engine in a GTR?

So when LYFE started building GTR's we started with the chassis named Frank. I named it Frank the Tank because it was such a tough car, it put up with a lot of abuse.

As we started to take Frank apart to build Sydney it was kind of sad and we didn't know the fate of Frank at that point but Frank got put under a car cover in the corner of the shop and we didn't know what the next step was..

So after six years of essentially being forgotten about Frank the tank is back in action and it has a sense of purpose once again, we're gonna take everything we learned on Sydney and apply it to this platform and take it back to Pikes Peak. 

But there's a catch, we're going after the diesel record with a Ford Power Stroke 6.0. 

This idea came about because we have a great relationship with Riffraff Diesel they specialize in Power Stroke parts and components for the drivetrain. We specialize in building race cars we know the R35 chassis really well: suspension, brakes and aero we all have really sorted. We just need a good powertrain to get us to the top to get that diesel record. Right now the diesel record is held by Scott Birdsall in a truck called Old Smokey.

He ran a 11:24 so that's the time to beat.

We have a couple engines being built right now this is just the mock-up engine so we can get it fitted in place but we'll have a race engine as well as a spare engine as we go and tackle the mountain.

"Gotta start talking some sh*t to Aaron, stupid cummins truck record my ass we're coming for you Aaron!" -Powelson

So if you like Power Strokes, if you like diesel performance you're going to want to follow this project. If you think what we're doing is absolutely terrible for GTR's you're going to want to follow along and see what we do with this project.

This is one of the oddest chassis engine combinations that i've ever seen or heard of and it's purpose built, this isn't a show car, this isn't just to you know put the engine in and dance around.

We're going to race this thing up America's Mountain, we're gonna go for the record.

This is getting really serious really quickly and it's gonna be fun. -Cole Powelson


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